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My 12 Favorite Entity Framework Tricks

by necemon 12. December 2015 22:45
The Entity Framework is an ORM system, a set of technologies that support the development of data-oriented software applications. It's part of the .NET Framework. I have been playing with it for a couple of years and here are my top tips : [More]

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Mes 12 Astuces Préférées Avec Entity Framework

by necemon 12. December 2015 20:52
Entity Framework est un mappeur objet/relationnel qui permet aux développeurs .NET d'utiliser des données relationnelles à l'aide d'objets spécifiques au domaine. Il rend inutile la plupart du code d'accès aux données que les développeurs doivent généralement écrire. Je joue avec ca depuis deux ou trois ans, et voici mes techniques preferees: [More]

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Africa, Cradle Of Humanity And Entrepreneurs

by necemon 20. October 2015 21:36
In addition to being the cradle of humanity, Africa is becoming the cradle of entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the world rankings of the countries with the largest number of entrepreneurs, Africa plays the leading role!
While entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom and the United States are associated with start-ups, in some other countries, especially in Africa, entrepreneurship for freelancers is more of a necessity than a dream. Indeed, when there are not enough jobs available like in many African countries, you have to create their own opportunities. [More]

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Africa: ICT in Education for Entrepreneurship and Employability

by necemon 15. December 2013 21:47
While facing the problem of youth employability, African countries today strive to improve the quality in their education systems by using ICTs. One of the lessons learned from the case studies in relevant countries shows that the integration of ICT in Education can be beneficial, not only in terms of Education, but also in terms of Entrepreneurship and Employability. [More]

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Educational Uses Of Internet Content Curation

by necemon 5. December 2013 19:41
"Curator" is a term used in museums. It refers to the person who chooses artworks for an exhibition, the curator is called upon to make a choice, a comment and an introduction of some existing works. He is the link between the artist (or the cultural heritage) and the public. He is an expert. The curator on the Internet, after defining the topics of his technological watch, may choose to work from a curation platform allowing him to automatically or manually harvest, filter, editorialise and share some online content. As a marketing tool, how can "Content Marketing" be used as teaching tool in higher education? [More]

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The Paradox Of Teachers In Africa : Rare And Yet Poorly Paid

by necemon 27. July 2013 01:32
There is a quote that says "Everything that is rare is expensive". In sub-Saharan Africa, in that "Everything", it seems that we must include Everything but the teaching profession.

Indeed, the shortage of teachers that affects the whole world in general is particularly more pronounced in sub-Saharan Africa. If we stick to the quote, this situation should have had the effect of raising the salary of teachers to attract as many people as possible in the profession. But no! On the contrary, it appears to be driving teachers' salaries down. In The Ivory Coast for example, in the schools, you can find benevolent teachers and volunteer teachers alongside state civil service teachers. [More]

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Les Effets de l'Accélération Technologique et l'Overdose d'Information : Le Savais Tu ?

by necemon 5. April 2009 16:18
A l'heure où j'écris ceci :
il y a 255 millions de sites Web et 152 millions de blogs sur Internet
35 heures de vidéo sont téléchargées sur YouTube chaque minute, 119 millions de tweets sont postés chaque jour...
Il est estimé que le contenu d'UNE SEULE semaine du journal "New York Times" contient plus d'informations qu'une personne était susceptible de rencontrer au 18ème siècle PENDANT TOUTE SA VIE. [More]

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