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10 Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Next Blog Post

by necemon 7. October 2017 19:31
You created your blog a few months ago. You regularly produce content to supply the "few readers you have" but that doesn't seem to be enough.
Your numbers are hardly increasing and you don't know how to boost your web traffic. The few Facebook and Twitter ads that you buy to promote your publications don't really help and you do not know what to do.
Today I would like to suggest 10 tips that will help you to better promote your next blog post and develop your audience. [More]

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Facebook Profile vs Facebook Page: What To Choose?

by necemon 10. June 2017 20:14
Exactly one year ago, I tried an experiment. I disabled my personal Facebook account and kept only my Page to mark my presence on this network. The objective was to analyze the "for" and "against" points of choosing one or the other. Here I give you some of those points. [More]

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Where to Find Free Quality Audio Books?

by necemon 28. August 2016 20:46
An audiobook (or talking book) is a recording of a text being read. If you are looking for free audiobooks to download, here are some websites I can suggest for your listening pleasure. [More]

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Où Trouver De Bons Livres Audio Gratuits ?

by necemon 28. August 2016 16:36
Un livre audio est un livre ou un texte dont on a enregistré la lecture à haute voix. Voici quelques suggestions, si tu cherches des sites ou trouver des livres audio gratuitement, à ecouter sur PC, tablette numérique ou smartphone. [More]

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It's All About The Selfie

by necemon 18. December 2015 04:05
The Selfie. Everyone knows everything about it... Or do they? How was it born? Where does it come from? Here I decided to dedicate an article to the Selfie story. I, a good disciple of the Web Lord, took my laptop pilgrim to write this article and preach the Good News of Technology to you, my dear readers... [More]

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A Quick Guide For New Bloggers

by necemon 5. November 2015 23:44
A new online "friend" was recently asking me : "What should be done to get a more lively blog or social media page ? I mean, more visits, more likes; how to have some attractive blog and online profiles."

That question comes back from times to times. I don't particularly see myself as an expert in blogging or in social media marketing, but if I were to briefly sum up my humble opinion on the matter, that would be in 3 words : education, production and promotion. [More]

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Quelques tactiques de base pour (re)lancer son blog

by necemon 5. November 2015 20:42
Une internaute (et nouvelle "amie") me pose la question suivante : "Que faut il pour avoir un blog ou une page vivante sur les reseaux sociaux ? C'est a dire plus de visiteurs, des likes; comment faire pour que mon blog et mes pages qui seront en lien soient attractifs."

C'est une question qui revient de temps en temps. Je ne me considere nullement comme un expert en blogging ou en social media marketing, mais si je dois resumer instantanément/brievement mon humble avis sur la question, ce serait en 3 mots : formation, production et promotion : [More]

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Web Citizen And Media Coverage: Yes, But...

by necemon 25. October 2015 22:30
These days, with the advent of social networks and blogs, every citizen yearns for information as mentioned in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which says:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
By virtue of this right, some citizens may sometimes tend to disseminate information without respecting certain rules of journalism that we will recall later.
It's worth indicating that elections are a time: [More]

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Projet Flux : Plateformes Communautaires du style "Social News"

by necemon 4. January 2015 11:17
Juste une petite note pour récapituler la situation de mes projets en cours de dévéloppement.

Ces derniers temps, j'ai construit une série de plateformes communautaires, des applications Web du style "Social News" où les utilisateurs peuvent publier du contenu, commenter et décider à travers des votes de ce qui est bon (kiffs) et ce qui est nul (zaps). Les liens qui reçoivent l'approbation de la majorité progressent vers le sommet, ainsi les premières pages seraient constamment en mouvement, avec plein de liens frais et intéressants.

Rien d'impressionnant, mais ceci me donne une bonne base pour monter une plate-forme Web robuste, c'est a dire avec les caractéristiques universelles: [More]

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Flux Project : Social News Web Applications

by necemon 4. January 2015 10:48
This is just a quick update on my ongoing side projects,

I have been working on a series of social news web applications where users can submit content and decide, through commenting and votings, what's good (kiffs) and what's junk (zaps). Links that receive community approval raise towards the top, so the first pages are constantly in motion and (hopefully) filled with fresh, interesting links.

Nothing impressive, but it gives me a good basis for making a web platform, as in, the common features: [More]

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