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Convert Video Files With VLC

by necemon 22. July 2017 17:59
How to use the best free video converter/encoder available on all platforms, also known as... VLC. That's right, in addition to being a true Swiss army knife for video playback, VLC has a video-to-video (and audio) conversion functionality that is little known to the general public. Here is the procedure for using it: [More]

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Reste informé sur tes sujets préférés via les plateformes sociales

by necemon 30. September 2012 19:40
Ayant écrit Notiflux et AUDE (Automatic Updates Distribution Engine) il y a quelques mois, je me suis dit que je jouerais un peu avec les APIs de Facebook et Twitter, de fasson a partager des articles relativement utiles, au fur et a mesure qu'ils sont publiés. Donc, selon le genre de choses que tu aimes, tu voudrais peut etre rejoindre ou suivre l'une de ces pages (ou plusieurs, pourquoi pas?) [More]

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Stay up to date with your favorite topic on social platforms

by necemon 30. September 2012 19:04
Having written Notiflux and AUDE (Automatic Updates Distribution Engine) some time last year, I thought I would play around with the Facebook and Twitter APIs and keep posting links to some fresh news and articles in real time. So depending on the kind of things you like, you might want to join or follow some of those pages: [More]

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The Effects of Accelerated Evolution and Information Overloading: did you know?

by necemon 5. April 2009 15:23
As I am writing this:
There are 255 million websites and 152 million blogs online, 35 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every single minute, 119 millions tweets are posted every day...
It is estimated that a week's worth of the New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a life time in the 18th century. [More]

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Je suis Necemon Yai. Je suis un Ingénieur en Informatique et un Artiste Numérique. Restons en contact via Twitter, LinkedIn ou Facebook.