1. Quick (but effective) introduction of the personage and her achievements?

I am Rosine Kakou Ano. Graduated in Communication, Marketing and Management. I have been operating under the pseudonym "Yehni Djidji" since 2008, which was the year when I launched my blog. I am the founder of a literary agency called Livresque that helps those who wish to publish a book throughout the process, organises events about literature and offers educational entertainment to children.


2. What are the values that better define you?

Piety: the fear of God is the hallmark of men of value. This gives them integrity, loyalty and honesty.
Responsibility: It comes along with maturity and allows to respect and completely fulfill the commitments made to others and to oneself. It is a quality that lots of people are sorely lacking.
Empathy and liberality: To love one's neighbor, to be able to put oneself in their shoes, to understand their burden and help them to relieve themselves.


3. What are your main goals in life?

Books helped me to strengthen myself and to launch my career. Therefore, I am actively striving to put them back at the heart of habitudes so that the maximum of people can enjoy their benefits. Additionally, our continent has great stories and I like to participate in relating them to the world through increasingly varied formats.


4. What tools and techniques do you use to accomplish things efficiently?

I am an Internet addict who tries to moderate her indulgence, even though it is difficult, since it's also my work environment. My favorite gadgets are my computer and my phone.


5. Any recommendations for your juniors?

I recommend my coloring book with traditional outfits drawings for children aged 3 to 6, and why not more if there's a fit. There's no maximum age for coloring. I also encourage them to commit to appreciating books, not just as learning tools, but as daily companions too. That would be a life-changing experience.


6. What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is by email (yehnidjidji@gmail.com), and then through social networks.



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