World Wide Worries

Wherever you move on Internet, you are often forced to leave some information about yourself. To access a service, you may be asked to give your real name, phone number, address and so on. They call that required fields. Either you fill the form or you just leave it. But a lot of information is intentionally released. The current trend is to share private information and photo in an intimate way, with family and friends via social networks. Even some people seem to enjoy displaying this personal data over the public internet. Nowadays, you can tell your own story to the world, describing your day to day activities as it happens (e.g. via Twitter). Some say that it’s fine. It’s also ok if some people get an access (somehow) to your Facebook wall and check your pictures. It seems that if you didn’t do anything wrong, you don’t have anything to hide so it’s ok if people see it....

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Games for Everyone

We are living a terrific OS wars with the rise of Linux over the last two decades. The big Google is also launching its Google Chrome OS. Microsoft and Apple are far away from giving up the party with the Windows 7 and Mac OS X respectively. Well, as a wannabe game programmer, I feel it is getting difficult to choose a side. The will to reach the maximum audience could lead to code mainly for windows gamers. But then, there is still a trouble. Let’s talk about a very exciting field of gaming: Multiplayer online gaming. Suppose you build your game client using any Microsoft .net language, say C#. Are you compelled to code your server application in C# as well?...

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Préceptes de Vie

J'ai toujours espéré qu'un jour j'aurai l'occasion de transmettre tout ce que j'ai appris. C'est à peine si je semble trouver du temps pour ça, vu que vivre selon mes propres paroles signifie forcément que je n'ai absolument pas le temps de les détailler. Mais au moins, je peux prendre un bref moment pour dire quelque chose en passant....

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