[Translated from a contribution by Yehni Djidji]


A few years ago, I could easily spend hours sitting in front of the computer, watching photos on Facebook or on Hi5. That's right, if people publish their photos, the whole point is that we can watch those indeed.

Sometimes I went on profiles of people I didn't even know! When I was asked what I was doing, I used to answer: I look at people's prosperity! Actually, I was a little envious!

I have so many projects running through my mind, so many dreams still unrealised, that sometimes I have these "down" periods, when I feel that everyone is happier than me and that I am running late! Not specifically late with regard to others, but mostly late on the vision that I have for myself!

I envied those who were able to reach some of my dreams and who don't always realise that they are privileged! I also envied these people who enjoyed their youth in the fast lane because, stuck in my perpetual "school-house-sleep" routine, I might not have had any interesting story to share with my children!

But at least, it's fortunate that I happen to be the prime confidant among my connexions. Therefore, for lack of better insight, I would still have the experience of others as a reference point!


And then one day I realised that no one ever photographs their bad times!


Who's ever taken a picture of themselves crying and posted it on Facebook? During a funeral, upon hearing sad news: break-up, failure, dismissal? Who's ever created a Facebook album with a title such as "Pictures of my Failure", where we would see their despondency upon the announcement of the unfortunate event, their parents in the process of scolding them, and why not, marks cards showing their poor grades? If you've ever seen anything like this on a social networking site, please send me the address!

I understood that the pictures I saw were just tiny moments in a lifetime! And I have plenty of happy moments too! We all have those!

More importantly, I understood that people immortalize these moments because they would like those to last for eternity even if they are fully aware that it is impossible !! Also, there is no point in moping around !!! If lamentations were a way of achieving dreams, we would know about it!

Hence, now when I have my down times, I wear make-up, I dress up chic and I shoot very beautiful photographs! Lol!

Stay blessed!